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15,000 Pediatric Cancer Cases

Pediatric Cancer Research

Pediatric cancers occur in children and adolescents from 0-19 years old. While adults and children do share some cancer types, they are not treated for the disease in the same way. Because children are smaller and often still growing, they face unique challenges when diagnosed with cancer.

More than 15,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed each year with cancer in the U.S. The number of children who die every year from cancer has decreased over the last 40+ years, but we still lose nearly 2,000 children from cancer each year. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death for children in the U.S. over one year old.


Dick Vitale Fund for Pediatric Cancer

Your donations to the Dick Vitale Fund for Pediatric Cancer at the V Foundation support innovative pediatric cancer research. Through this fund, the V Foundation has awarded almost $66.7 million to end pediatric cancer.

Not long after losing his friend and fellow ESPN broadcaster Jim Valvano to cancer, Dick Vitale made a commitment to stop the disease. He is a long-time V Foundation Board member and a passionate advocate for pediatric cancer research.

Dick has hosted an annual Gala for 17 years and raised nearly $55 million through the event to fund research for childhood cancer. He has an unmatched energy and has described himself as obsessed with cancer research funding.

Dick has often proclaimed he will continue to raise money for kids with cancer “until his last breath.” He is truly a champion!


Research has made substantial progress in treatments for pediatric cancer, and survival rates are increasing. But our work is not done. We still lose far too many children to the disease. Funding research is a critical component of advancing treatments for kids with cancer.

We need more answers to save more lives: Why do children develop cancer? How can we create safe and effective treatments for them? How can we ensure their long-term health and wellness after cancer?

Your donation to pediatric cancer research will enable researchers to do amazing things, like:


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