George Bodenheimer

Retired Executive Chairman

George Bodenheimer was the Executive Chairman of ESPN, Inc. until his retirement in 2014. He provided strategic direction for ESPN, Inc.’s global business and chaired ESPN, Inc.’s Board of Directors.

As the company’s longest-tenured President (1998-2012), he led an unprecedented period of global growth. He oversaw all multimedia sports assets of The Walt Disney Company from 2003 until 2011, and he was Co-Chairman for Disney Media Networks from 2004 until 2011. Bodenheimer’s sharp focus on creativity and cutting-edge innovation created enhanced value for sports fans and ESPN, Inc.’s business partners.

Bodenheimer’s contributions have been integral to the success of ESPN, Inc. His business initiatives were designed to bring greater value to all constituents: affiliates, advertisers, rights holders and consumers. While President, his vision produced industry-leading innovation in integrated sales and marketing, original programming, acquisitions and new technologies. Throughout his career, Bodenheimer has solidified and enhanced ESPN, Inc.’s position as “The Worldwide Leader in Sports.”

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