Stephen Gruber, M.D., Ph.D., MPH

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USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center offers over 23 trials for patients with breast cancer at the USC Norris Cancer Hospital and at the Los Angeles County (LAC) USC Medical Center, making them accessible to all. Participation in cancer clinical trials is a key measure for delivery of quality cancer care. Adult participation in cancer clinical trials remains at 3% and participation among ethnic and racial minorities and medically underserved communities is even lower. The Clinical Investigation Support Office, led by Dr. Anthony El-Khoueiry is dedicated to increasing minority accruals to clinical trials and has enlisted support from Dr. Julie Lang, a breast surgeon to support patient education and enrollment efforts. We plan to leverage our strong tradition of minority accrual (minority patients represent 56% of accrual to interventional therapeutic trials at USC Norris) and further enhance access to clinical trials for minority patients.

Location: USC Norris Cancer Hospital - California
Proposal: Clinical Trials Outreach and Enrollment Program
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