Richard Frock, Ph.D.

Volunteer Grant funded by the V Foundation Wine Celebration in honor of Roger and Sally Krodel’s granddaughter, Angie Cerreta-Palauqui

Therapies to kill cancers typically get rid of the dividing cells. However, the few that remain are a mixture of resistant cells that can return later to form more tumors. This is a difficult problem to solve. My research looks into finding out which genes cancer cells choose to use when they are not dividing to repair their damaged DNA and survive. Our goal is to develop treatments that will interrupt those genes that cancer cells use so they can die. We also want to develop treatments that can not only work to stop many different types of cancers, but that can also work in combination with other therapies to block the return of cancers later in life. The potential long-term success of our research will help to ease the anxiety of cancer survivors by extending the cancer-free period indefinitely.

Location: Stanford Cancer Institute - California
Proposal: Mechanisms of double-stranded DNA break repair pathway choice in G1/G0 phase
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