Michael Devitt, M.D.

Funded by the V Foundation’s Virginia Vine event

This project aims to improve the enrollment of men with prostate cancer into studies that require specific changes in DNA in order to be eligible. The largest barrier to enrolling patients is obtaining information about their DNA. Current standards of practice do not have clear recommendations on when to test the DNA of men with prostate cancer. Insurance does not always cover the DNA testing needed to get this information. The University of Virginia has two research programs open that obtain DNA testing on men with prostate cancer. This grant will support the efforts of the Clinical Research Outreach Program at UVA to recruit men with prostate cancer into these research programs in order to obtain DNA testing on a greater number of men with prostate cancer.

Location: UVA Health System: Cancer Center - Virginia
Proposal: Enrollment in Prostate Cancer Trials Requiring Genomic Targets
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