Megan McNamara, MD and Daniel George, M.D.

Funded by friends of TK and Virginia Wetherell

This is a study to investigate the number and volume of injections necessary to achieve distribution throughout prostate cancer metastases and to assess the expression of the poliovirus receptor in prostate cancer. Men with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer and at least one bone, lymph node, or liver metastasis measuring between 2 and 8 cm will be enrolled in the study. Gadolinium, a standard type of MRI contrast, will be injected into one metastasis (bone, lymph node, or liver) per patient, and a follow-up MRI will be done to evaluate for distribution of the gadolinium throughout the metastasis. A biopsy of the metastasis will be obtained at the time of the gadolinium injection, and the biopsy specimen will be analyzed for expression of the poliovirus receptor. The results of this study will be used to plan the injections in a future prostate cancer clinical trial of an anti-cancer therapeutic vaccine.

Location: Duke University Medical Center - North Carolina
Proposal: An IND-enabling Trial to Determine the Number and Volume of Injections Necessary for Adequate Distribution Throughout Cancer Metastases and to Validate Poliovirus Receptor (CD155) Expression in Prostate Cancer
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