Mazhar Adli, Ph.D.

V Scholar Plus Award- extended funding for exceptional V Scholars

Gene regulation is vital for our health and abnormal regulations lead to many diseases, including cancer. There are two mechanisms that control genes: Genetic info and epigenetic. Genetic alterations are stable and we cannot target them. However, epigenetic is dynamic as it changes over time. Epigenetic can control gene expression in tissues. It is the loss of this control that causes cancer. In cancer, only select genes are abnormal while the rest are normal. We need to target only abnormal genes. Current therapy is based on chemicals that target all of the genes in the cell. Thus they have side effects. This proposal develops a novel tool that can target a specific gene. Thus, it can correct an aberrant gene only. The tool also has strong therapeutic potential. This will be very valuable for basic research.

Location: University of Virginia - Virginia
Proposal: Epigenetic engineering to correct and aberrantly regulated locus in cancer
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