Lori Goldstein, M.D.

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Hormone therapy medicine helps lower the chance of breast cancer growing or coming back. African American breast cancer survivors say they lack information about hormone therapy. Women also say that side effects are a main reason for stopping hormone therapy. We are doing a study that will test a text message program for these women. Women who join the study will be randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group will get text messages and the other will not. The text messages have information to help women deal with side effects. We think the women getting texts will have fewer side effects and greater belief they can manage hormone therapy. We also think they will understand why hormone therapy is important. We think this will help women worry less about hormone therapy and continue taking it. With the V-Foundation funding, our main goal is to increase the number of women who join the study. We will use our current partnership with community members and social media to recruit more women. This is the first study to test a text message program for African American women on hormone therapy. It is also one of the first to use a community partnership and social media to recruit women.

Location: Fox Chase Cancer Center - Pennsylvania
Proposal: To reduce cancer disparities: A Novel Mobile TXT Intervention to Improve Adjuvant Hormone Therapy Adherence among African American Breast Cancer Survivors: Enhanced accrual through community and social media
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