Jeffrey Clarke, M.D.

Funded in partnership with

the Lung Cancer Initiative of North Carolina

utilizing Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Fund matching funds

Lung cancer is more common and deadly in African American patients compared to other racial groups. One reason for this difference may depend on the genetics of the tumor and how genes are expressed. We plan to study lung cancer samples to find differences in genes between African American and Caucasian tumors. We will also use a ‘Just Ask’ cultural training program to improve the engagement of African‐American lung cancer patients in research and tissue banking. Our hope is that this work will improve the understanding of reasons for racial differences in lung cancer. We hope that by studying the gene expression of tumors we will find new ways to treat patients with lung cancer in the future.

Location: Duke University - North Carolina
Proposal: Identification of Genetic Determinates for Disparities in African American Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
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