Hanlee Ji, MD

Funded by Gastric Cancer Foundation

With an extensive cohort of gastric cancer genomic data, there are many new avenues for translational research and clinical investigations. Importantly, a registry this size provides significant degree of statistical power, thus providing researchers with an invaluable resource. Researchers and clinicians in any discipline and at any institution across the world may access this data for independent discovery and validation studies. For example, an investigator may access the data to answer the question, “I found that H. pylori infected patients often have downstream functional mutation in the gene MUC1; can this finding be replicated in another patient population?” The end results may be a new practical and scalable early detection technology, or a precision therapy for gastric cancer patients. Ultimately, the GCR is designed to be a resource for accelerating gastric cancer research. 

Location: Stanford Cancer Institute - California
Proposal: Gastric Cancer Registry and Related Genome Portal
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