Nick Dyson, Ph.D

Funded by the Thomas Carroll Foundation

in memory of Christopher Carroll

This project is focused on small cell lung cancer (SCLC). There are about thirty thousand patients diagnosed with SCLC in the United States each year. Unfortunately, this disease is rapidly fatal in most cases. We are taking new approaches to better understand SCLC and to develop improved treatments for this disease. First, we are developing new models to study this disease in the lab. These models use tumor material from patients that we grow in mice. Second, we then study the behavior of these tumors in these mouse models. We will study why tumors respond or don’t respond to certain therapies. We will specifically focus on studying a new therapy that we are using to treat patients in an ongoing clinical trial. Third, we will use these models to develop new treatments for patients with SCLC. Ultimately, our goal is to develop improved therapies and outcomes for patients with SCLC.

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center - Massachusetts
Proposal: Using Patient-Derived Models to Develop Novel Therapies for SCLC
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