Marcia Henry, PhD, MSCR

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Both Orleans and Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana have a higher than usual number of women with breast cancer.  This is because minority women and women living in small towns are more likely to have breast cancer.  These women are also more likely to die from the disease.  New breast cancer treatments are tested in clinical trials. It is important to test them to see if they are safe and if they work.  When women with breast cancer are deciding what to do, many never consider joining clinical trials.  The women that the new drug is supposed to help are not tested. This is often because they do not know about available breast cancer clinical trials. 

We will work with community leaders and physicians to give women information about clinical trials. Community members will help us make the information easy to understand. The information will be provided in many ways. Small meetings can be used to allow questions and answers. PSAs on TV and radio. Social media and podcasts can also be used.    

We expect to have more women with breast cancer to consider joining clinical trials. This may result in an increased number of breast cancer survivors in these communities.  By the end of this study we will have educational materials that can be shared with other women. We will also have a blueprint for developing community relationships. The names of community partners will be kept for future efforts to improve breast cancer survival in other parishes across the state.   


Location: Ochsner Health System - Louisiana
Proposal: Enhancing Participation in Breast Cancer Trials by Increasing Community Education
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